Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February needs to end NOW!

Let me just express how pleased I am that there are only 28 days in February, this has not been a good month.  What started as peaceful has been snowballing into issues of annoyance and stress.  I'm hesitant to gripe since no one has died, however being sick is now in the cards. First there was Stanlee with his exploding tail issue, which was quickly followed by the car rubbing problem ant Publix. Thank you to the driver who hit and left the car for my discovery, fortunately one good thing came out of having my car repaired and painted- the body shop did an amazing job of cleaning the exterior. These two events were the prequel to my house being flooded…please keep in mind that this is all within 7 days. 

Comfort came from friends who assured me that "things come in 3s" and I am all done with my problems. Well…another issue arrived this past week that has a direct relationship to the first three problems. Due to the stress and anxiety of the past week, I decided to take out my frustration in the bedroom. Let's just say (in trying to keep this blog PG13) that you can actually cause trauma to your body, specifically below the waist, when activity becomes a little rough. As a result I found myself thinking I needed surgery all weekend long and headed to the urologist first thing Monday morning. He confirmed that my damage was not infected and did not require medical treatment other than rest and to maintain a HIGH level of water intake.

Currently I am not allowed any extra-curricular activities, which are fine since I am headed to the bathroom every 10 minutes! When does March arrive????
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