Saturday, September 19, 2009

Name My Price

Progressive’s “Name Your Price” commercial is so annoying …I love it. Flo, wonderfully played by Stephanie Courtney, is driving me crazy (pun intended). This car insurance company has one of the best marketing strategies I have seen in years. How often do you see a commercial that offers full customer control? For decades we are faced with whether to buy it or leave it. Now here comes Progressive saying can you buy insurance and you can name your price. Hmmmm…just how much coverage can I get for $60? If all I want to pay is $5.00 a month, then I guarantee you that you will get no more than 5% coverage.

What would that look like if my other favorite places offered the same deal? If Mario’s Pizza let me name my price, just how much can I get for $.50? Can Mobil let me fill my tank for $5.00? Can Best Buy let me name my price for a TV? Perhaps, yet would I be walking out satisfied?

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