Monday, September 7, 2009

Changes and the Familiar

Even with a nasty cold this morning, the desire to have a hot breakfast led me to the bagel diner around the corner. The usual crowd was 40ish age set the average down by 30 years. Harriet & her nurse jointly shared a platter and the "club" discussing grandchildren.

For the first time I noticed members of the breakfast bunch on their cell phones- not too unusual yet this is a senior crowd. No texting...yet, this too will come. Even my parents are starting to text. When I settled in my chair the conversation at the next table cleared of static. Facebook and reunions were being discussed. How his daughter attended a get together with friends she has not seen in 30 years. While the bagel bunch was familiar with the website, they have yet to find a use. Then as usual the conversation turned to ulcers and the Dolphins. Go fins!!
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