Saturday, May 23, 2009

Half sour & dill

Being greeted with a plate of half sour/dill pickles with green tomatoes is one of the few pleasures I can still find at my local deli 'rant, the Pastrami Club. Usually around Wednesday I get the pickle itch. Once I start to scratch the only relief in sight is to give in, hands up in surrender and ask for a booth. Before the waitress can even greet me, satisfaction arrives and the itching stops. The assortment is a sodium nightmare, yet quite a tasty delight. As soon as the plate hits the table, I slice & dice like Edward Sissorhands in a beauty parlor even finishing before the meal arrives. There have been times when after canabalizing the plate and the carnage ends, I ended up taking my entire lunch back home to go. I walk away happy knowing there will be more pickles another day.
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