Thursday, April 9, 2009

New family member

I think I spent the last few days preparing a nursery for a new member of the family. Now I am not talking about a new baby boy or girl, but a new television. Before you make judgment on the comparison, consider how I spent the last few days.

1) Shop for the right make and model. Some folks are still old fashioned and just accept with what they have and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there is a group of parents who actually place an order with a little help from DNA science. My process was not that costly, yet highly involved. Between reading cnet and consumer report reviews and product observation, this process was almost a full time job.

2) Remove old furniture. I actually placed the old TV and stand in the bedroom. This displacement is what a first born might feel before the arrival of the second child.  Say goodbye to the office and hello to the nursery.

3) Clean up the area and surrounding furniture. This is close to #2, yet the focus is on cleanliness not just changing of the furniture. The new TV must enter a sterile environment.

4) The waiting. Once you have made the selection is juts a matter of waiting for arrival. Some arrival dates/ times are specific while others provide a "window".

5) Arrival. Upon arrival the feeling of relief turns to concern. As a new owner, one must know the proper care and maintenance to promote health and wellness. Yes, we are still talking about a television.

6) Celebration. Invite friends and family to meet, greet, and enjoy the company of the new arrival. Bringing snacks in hand is welcomed and encouraged.
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