Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keeping Appointments

We have all see this on Seinfeld*, well maybe not everyone and I am specifically thinking of my doctor.

Last week I made an 8:00 Wednesday appointment to see my doctor. At that time he added me to his appointment book (witnessed by me) and even provided me a reminder card. This card was kept in plain view for a week in my car, nothing was keeping me from this appointment. Can you imagine where this is headed???

Tuesday morning I received a reminder phone from his office, I assured her that I would make my appointment time. My alarm clock was set for 7:00 am, just enough time to walk the dog, read the morning headlines, shower, and out the door by 7:53. The 5 minute driving time which includes the 1 possible red light would give me a 2 minute wait at the office.

Just as I planned, my entrance gave me 2 minutes to scan the month old magazines in the waiting room. My arrival was perfect, yet it appears my doctor had other plans.

When his head shot out into the waiting room requesting a few minutes I would be lying if I told you that surprised was not my immediate reaction. Secretly I was annoyed and wondering how long I would be asked to extend my patience. Overhearing his exam room interrogation revealed that he just started the process and that this appointment was nowhere near an emergency status. She better be real cute!!! (RG if you're reading this you know what I mean).

It was frustrating that as much as I planned for the perfect arrival there was a deflated feeling that the appointment at 8:00 fell short. As for the morning process there was nothing I could have done differently. Perhaps I could have called him before I left to remind him of my appointment time. Perhaps I could select another doctor.

He eventually did see me and routinely made another appointment including calendar addition and appointment card. I have one week to rethink the process.

*Seinfeld addressed reservations not appointments, I get that.
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