Monday, October 12, 2009

Management at their best

I came home the other day to this discovery. WTF? Btw, the "F" stands for frick- lol!!

Here is the email I shot off to our management company and the board. Did I miss anything??

Regarding the new garbage area, what was the reason for the brilliant idea to place a communal garbage area right off the main road? This is quick thinking!! With property assessments low and condo selling a mile between contracts, this is a great way to showcase our community at its best. Bravo!

Obviously there was a garbage problem with a few residents and effective problem solving skills has moved a solution that dealt with the root cause and turned this into a community celebration. Pure genius!! Management of this community should be honored for upholding a high standard of quality living.

I always wanted to know how the other side lived. Now I do,... the trailer side.
Thanks, always looking to improve the quality at the Parc,
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