Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Evening Walk

I walk outside and the first thing I notice is that I left my super sized umbrella at work. A brief inventory of the one I have in the closet and the extra in my car tells me it’s okay to continue, yet I leave them both behind. There is a strong stillness in the trees and a grey covering above. Stanlee and I continue around the corner and as he tracks the scent of the neighbors, a drop lands near his feet. Just how much time do we have? While looking around for other drops, the stillness in the air shifts into a breeze building into a concert of rustling leaves. We retreat and track back without stopping. A few yards from my building, a drop lands on my shoulder, another on my feet. We speed up. The wall of water falls just as we break under cover. Whew! He get two treats : )

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