Tuesday, July 21, 2009

11:00 News

When I was younger, young enough to have a bedtime, I remember my father staying up to watch the local news at 11:00. Well, here I am, stretched out reclining on my sofa watching the daily updates. It's just after 11 and I feel like I am looking into a mirror of the past.

Yet, not all is the same. I feel like this is more like the Bizzaro version. The on-demand, just in time online news service has replaced my local and cable news feed. The way of my parents has lost my interest. While things change they also improve. John Stewart and his team have managed to bring a well balanced comedic taste that revives the depleting spirit of global and national events. I was laughing so loud Stanlee walked out into the other room to get some sleep. Hey, if it wasn't for laughter I would be writing about tears.
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