Sunday, June 28, 2009

If I go out

There are a few mornings when the idea of making my own breakfast is not an option. Usually the previous night's activities dictate my morning outcome. While a Denny's and local nook fan in the past, Ihop has taken a promising lead. What sets Ihop apart from the rest is not the quality of the scrambled eggs or their fluffy pancakes, it is the placemat that has become the deciding factor.

Perhaps its the "Monk" in me, yet it seems that I find it quite difficult to eat from utensils just lying on the table. I understand there are many places for germ contamination, however this is one that is right in my face. As soon as the food arrives the plate is a great resting place for my fork and knife, but where the heck do I place my spoon? I have been seen palacing my coffee spoon on well stacked empty Equal packets, yet this paper alter usually doesn't last the duration of the meal and sacrificing the corner of the napkin is not an option. The "clean" paper placemat while probably not a Green option is providing a distraction and a false security that I can appreciate.

Besides at Ihop there is no wait for that coffee refill (on #4 now)- a win anywhere witht this type of morning.

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